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Engrave Your Personal Imprint

(If it is 5 characters, it will be resized smaller than the screen.)

Letters, numbers, . , ♡, &
engraving support
(No space)

Size: 22cm * 15cm * 5cm

Back Cover Case iPhone15
・High-quality natural leather for a smooth, comfortable and elegant feel.

・Excellent durability due to shrink processing, and the metal logo makes it feel even more luxurious.

・Wireless charging is possible with a slim and simple design that does not impair the thinness of the iPhone.

・Engraved with Japanese foil, so there is little possibility of fading and it is hard to peel off. However, please note that it may come off if rubbed strongly.

・L’ADELINE products are delivered in luxurious packaging, which makes them excellent gifts.
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Love Myself With LD

There is no brand more beautiful than yourself.

L’ADELINE comes from ‘ADELINE’, a name that is commonly given to girls that means “beautiful” in French.
L’ADELINE was created by “SOL”, a woman who has entered into the Japanese beauty industry from Korea with the goal of “making women more beautiful”.

As SOL often visits the world-leading Paris beauty market for business and meets with many women there,
they have noticed that French women have their own type of natural beauty.

The accessories that they carry with them are not brand items,
but are products that are unique to themselves that have been carefully made at artisanal craft studios.

SOL realized that accessories for women should express the unique beauty of their owners and established L’ADELINE, a brand that embodies the nature of beautiful, passionate French women.

Inspiration from Paris Designed in Tokyo