Mini Canvas Bag - Brown


정가 ¥14,800

재고 수:110

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Mini Canvas Bag - Brown
・You can put your own luxurious engraving on the calf leather patch on the front.

・Since there is a removable and adjustable shoulder strap, it can be used in 2 ways, hand and shoulder.

・The outer leather patch can also be used as a pocket that you can easily put in or out with one hand.

・Designed with the size that must-have items can be stored and allows a long wallet to fit comfortably.

・Delivered with a high-class package, so it is perfect as a gift.

・ Outer material: 100% cotton / 100% calf leather

・ Lining: PVC coating (waterproof coating)

・ Size: 24cm * 20cm * 8cm / Weight 350g
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Inspiration from Paris Designed in Tokyo